Words from the President

Welcome to CHIC Toastmasters Club of Beijing, every Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm!

We are the first Humorous Themed Toastmasters Club in Beijing, and the only Toastmasters club focused on Creativity in China.  CHIC stands for Creativity, Humor, and Imagination Club.

Our Toastmasters club members come from different backgrounds, jobs and companies in Beijing, and all cities in China, but have one thing in common:  We  work together to improve our public speaking and leadership skills, and to help others do the same.  That will help you with a promotion, close sales, and get more dates.  More importantly, you will connect better with others, make a positive impact to them, and our society.   The spirit of our Toastmasters club is “Celebrate Fellowship, Go Beyond Ourselves” (No, we do not have out-of-body experiences.)  So, you will find in our meetings:

  • A strong learning environment with honest evaluations and pro-active mentorship.
  • A people-oriented approach of achieving individual and club goals:  Everybody is somebody.
  • A high sense of ownership:  Each member has the passion to contribute and improve this Toastmasters club, and other members grow.

Because this is a themed Toastmasters club, our meetings and activities are focused on Creativity, Humor and Imagination.  Being first such themed Toastmasters club in Beijing, we plan our meeting elements with: A high level of creativity that stimulate the participants imagination and encourage the use of humor through-out the meeting, and the members’ daily lives.

If this is the first visit, please check the our venue map.  We hope that our meeting proceedings will not only benefit the members, but also the guests.

If you’re a Toastmasters member from out of town, stopping by Beijing for a visit, don’t forget to join us for two hours of family reunion.